Terms & Conditions


Consultancy rates are correct as of January 2011.

Day rates are calculated on the basis of 8 hours at our standard consultancy rate of £61 per hour.  If a full day is not required, time will be charged pro rata according to the hours of work carried out.

Overnight accommodation will be charged at £50 per night; subsistence will be charged at £25 per day. [NB Accommodation and subsistence is only charged when the site is more than 3 hours travelling time from the MPCL offices].

Travel costs will be charged at a standard rate of 40 pence per mile.

Remuneration for Additional Services or Exceptional Services shall be on the basis of Mann Power Consulting Ltd's standard charges for services at an hourly rate of £61 plus reimbursement of all expenses and costs incurred.

All prices exclude taxes which will be added at the prevailing rate.


For Full Contract Management, payment schedule will be agreed in the contract Heads of Terms on a project by project basis.

For all other orders, 50% of order total is payable in advance with Order Confirmation; 50% payable on completion of work.

Payment is due within 21 days following the date of invoice.

Payment shall be made by means of BACS direct credit transfer to Mann Power Consulting Ltd's bank account - details of which will be provided with the first invoice - or by cheque.

Any direct expenses incurred by Mann Power Consulting Ltd on behalf of the client (flow data, maps, advertising etc.) will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Late payment

Agreed compensation for overdue payment shall be on the basis of interest on the unpaid sum at a rate equal to the lesser of the rate of interest as currently recommended by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 or 8% over Bank of England base rate for the time being in force from the Due Date for Payment until payment is made in full.